What We Do

Admiralty maintains a working relationship with several top architectural firms, engineering consultants and general contractors, and uses its development and construction knowledge in acquiring sites, securing the necessary entitlements, selecting and coordinating the consultants, supervising the construction, and in marketing the finished product. As such, Admiralty has the expertise to coordinate, expedite and supervise all aspects of the development process:

  • Site identification
  • Establishing the development concept
  • Zoning and land use analysis
  • Economic, market and financial analysis
  • Schematic design
  • Confirmation of the entitlement process
  • Site acquisition
  • Selection of design and other consultants
  • Planning and design development
  • Contractor selection
  • Public meetings/neighborhood involvement
  • Civic approval process and permitting
  • Construction supervision
  • Marketing and Sales

As all of our developments clearly illustrate, we strive to achieve excellence in design, construction quality and attention to detail, and to produce high quality buildings that truly stand the test of time. We also have a reputation for looking after not only our customers, but also the interests of all our coparticipants in the development process—whether they be design consultants, contractors, suppliers or our investors. And we never forget that what we do affects people's lives, as well as the urban landscape, so our goal is always to design, develop and deliver an outstanding product.

Our target markets include the following groups:

• Our primary market is empty-nesters and, with almost 40 years of developing for this market, we are very conversant with the specific requirements and desires of this group;

• Our secondary market is urban professionals looking for a carefree residence close to downtown, who appreciate the quality and attention to detail of our buildings;

• Our tertiary market includes those who desire a high-quality, in-city home for a variety of individual reasons:

  • Reduced travel time to downtown;
  • Concerns about personal security;
  • Desire for a residence with no exterior maintenance;
  • Requirement for a home that is secure and looked after when the owner is away for extended periods.